Besides the fun, we are really blessed to work with you, learning many strategies and skills and more importantly, your sound beliefs and perspectives.”

– Master Teacher, Academy of Singapore teachers

Feedback from Science in the Early Years CPD

“I found it very useful and gained loads of ideas to use in future planning, to further enhance the classroom and engage the children in science.”

“Lots of brilliant inspiring ideas. Lots of links for different topic areas.”

This has been a really useful and inspiring session! All the experiments are fascinating and easy to set up in school. It’s given me lots of ideas to take back to the classroom.”

– Early Years Practitioner

“Fantastic ideas for many things, not just science practicals but ways to extract open thinking and imagination to improve theory making and evaluations.”

“Great resources and ideas to easily use back in class.”

Delivery is fantastic, ideas are unique and different but very relevant to the classroom.”

– Participant on Stories & Science CPD