Hi! I’m Kathryn, AKA That Science Lady, a Chartered Science Teacher (CSciTeach) and primary science consultant based in West Yorkshire. I’ve taught across the primary age range, and am currently working in Year 5.

I began to become known in school as ‘That Science Lady’ by some of the younger pupils, a title I wear with pride!

Nine years ago I was appointed Science Leader for my school and very quickly caught the science bug! Science days, clubs, theme weeks and trips proved to be a big hit with staff and pupils, so I began working to make exciting science activities less of a one-off activity and more of a day-to-day occurrence. Through high-quality CPD from STEM Learning, the ASE and PSQM, myself and the staff team managed to turn around the science teaching and learning taking place at our school, improving engagement, enjoyment, science capital as well as our pupil’s achievement. As a result of this, I began to be known in school as ‘That Science Lady’ by some of the younger pupils, a title I wear with pride!

In addition to my work in the primary classroom, I have also worked for the University of Leeds, devising and delivering science sessions for PGCE and Primary SCITT students.

In 2015 I was awarded the Enthuse Celebration Award for my work improving science in my own school, and in 2016 I was awarded the Primary Science Teacher Trust’s Science Teacher Award for work in my own school and beyond. I have also been a ‘National Expert STEM Teacher’ as part of STEM Learning’s recognition scheme since 2016.

I have twice led my school through the Primary Science Quality Mark, achieving PSQM Silver in our 2015-16 and PSQM Outreach in 2017-18. Having recently started working at a new school, I am now working towards the PSQM there, alongside working as a hub leader for schools in South Yorkshire.

In recent years I have created and delivered primary science CPD for organisations including STEM Learning, the Association for Science Education, the University of Manchester’s SEERIH centre and Leeds Local Authority. I have also volunteered in an advisory capacity for the Royal Society of Chemistry and the British Science Association, and am currently working with Cambridge Assessment on international curriculum development and teacher training.

In February 2017 I embarked on my most exciting adventure yet! I was honoured to be invited to Singapore by the Singapore Ministry of Education to work with colleagues at the Academy of Singapore teachers, to develop and deliver CPD and engage with the ministry’s curriculum planning and development department in an advisory capacity.